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animecouchpotato Reply

I just wanted to congratulate you for the amazing work you're been doing! Love this site, love your subs but what got me here was the fact that I love Corrector Yui!!! This week's episode was great (and a real tear jerker) THANK.YOU!

平貞道 Reply

The sub group that saved anime

Thank you for subbing Corrector Yui!! I have wanted to watch it for so long!! T_T

Erza Reply

According to AniDB, Oz no Mahou Tsukai should be entirely subbed... But is nowhere to be found. :-/

Claire Reply

Thank you so much for subbing Corrector Yui! I really hope you do season 2 as well, it'd be really great

Before Green Gables is already subbed.

Submarine Super 99 has been subbed. ^^

ItalianGuy Reply

You people are doing a great job. But I have a question: what sources did you use for Attack no.1? I partially watched this series dubbed in italian lots of years ago, and I wanted to view it in full and in original language to understand some bits that were probably lost in translation. But what I was searching for, is totally missing from this release. More specifically counch Hongo laughing like a madman (with is mouth drooling too!) in a couple of occasions. Watched all 104 episodes and these scenes were missing.

Anime Sanjuushi is 100% subbed now.

Maps 1987 is subbed now, and the remake has been already subbed long before that.

longlivedaftpunk Reply

Hi, I'm trying to dl Noroi no One Piece but sadly there are no peers left for the torrent. Is there any other way that I can dl your work? Thanks a lot for translating such an obscure anime, I really appreciate you going the mile for it! Also, I noticed a post on this page that you get raws from Do you use this source/have any other sources? I'd like to know so I can dig stuff further!

Thanks for your hard work!

Jikuu Tantei Genshi-kun aka Flint the Time Detective has already been subbed.

Y2Kprepper Reply

THANK YOU FOR PICKING UP CORRECTOR YUI! This will be my first time watching it after waiting my whole adult life for any hope that it would some day be completed.

Thank you for all the hard work

I'm really happy and thankful that you guys are doing Corrector Yui. I really hope you could do all of them!! Stay safe and healthy!

The other Kinpatsu no Jeanie is already subbed.

Something told me to go look for Corrector Yui on Nyaa again and saw that you guys were releasing it on a weekly format, if you go past episode 18 I'll be the happiest person ever

Elandrius Reply

Just stumbled here. Amazing, I'm impressed that you guys are willing to sub such old animes (such as the volleyball ones for example).

Only a few countries imported them in the past, mine included, so I know about the charm these old series give despite the differences from today standards. But new generations of anime watchers have a lot to learn from these old titles and I'm telling you, you missed a lot, TONS of great stuff from 70-80s.

So if groups like yours have this kind of target compared to the others, it's definitely a great job. Please continue

You guys are amazing, keep up the good work :)

volle-man Reply

Was scrolling through anidb 'volleyball' tag after finishing Haikyu and realized that you guys translated 2 Attack! series. Hella excited to check them out. Thank you for all the hard work, stay safe and healthy!

Please translate the OVAs of Karura Mau, it's only 6 episodes

Love you ♡♡♡ thanks for everything and Happy New Year!

What's up with all these requests today, lol. Flanders no Inu is already subbed anyway.

Holy shit, thank you so fucking much for releasing Jeannie. I wanted to watch it since i finished Paris no Isabelle, and i recently downloaded the RAWs from nyaa. I'm so happy!

Osakadaioh Reply

Thank you for the old school shoujo anime. May I sugest a title? Nobara no Julie I'll keep following the fansub.

All Moldiver subbed episodes are now available on 9anime (and other streaming sites I suppose).

Yo guys, I know you probably get questions like this all the time but do you have any plans to do Samurai Giants in the future? With such an all-star staff working on that show it's insane that it hasn't been subbed yet, at least to my knowledge.

Hey, really cool site, nice to see someone focusing on old'er shoujo anime. I'm checking out some things here I had never heard about before, thank you very much!

Hmmm, the Halloween surprise release has to be a horror anime, and it's probably a OVA like last year... There are only two horror OVAs on the request list, Hengen Taima Yakou Karura Mau! Sendai Kokeshi Onka (there's also the movie, Nara Onryou Emaki, but it has already been subbed by someone else) and Gakkou no Yuurei. So, if the release is from the list, it must be one of them. By the way, the latter has a single-episode "sequel", Shin Gakkou no Yuurei, which isn't listed on AniDB.

Mediainfo for episode 01 says "IsTruncated : Yes" which generally means muxing corruption. Is the release alright?

Hey. Just want to let you guys know that I am currently working on the Cinderella Monotagari's Eng Subs right now. While I know that it's going to take a long time to properly translate the show (Considering I barely know any Japanese, aside from a few words) I welcome anyone that is willing to help me out with this project.

Candy Candy has been completely subbed in English (and in many other languages), and AniDB reports it. Check before asking, please. :-)

Also I would Like to wish everyone good luck we all deserve to be able to watch our favorite Anime or Anime’s Thanks so much everyone Good Luck to everyone

Hello Old Castle Just wanted to share what you guys can do next Continuing on with the Sports theme You guys should Definitely sub Captain Tsubasa J The Animation,Soundtrack,Detail,etc on CTJ is insanely good I saw this on request list and was surprised to see 3 requests I’m not even a Captain Tsubasa but J was excellent If you guys do decide to sub this don’t skip ep 1-34 they’re recaps but they’re many differences between this and original(for e.g Matches end in atmost 3-4 episodes instead of 10) thanks so much Thanks so much for everything Old Castle and for Everything you guys have subbed You Guys Rock

Thank you so much for your hard work! Your contributions to western anime fans is truly amazing. Hope you take some time off and heal whatever RL stuff is going on. <3 Can't wait to see what you choose to do next!

Pirates will never give up! ^_^

Metalkira Reply

Because you've finished subbing Ashita e Attack what anime r u planning to sub next?

You can remove Judo Boy from the list as HiDive licensed it. KS also ripped it.

Mocoto Reply

Ochame na Futago - Twins at St. Claire's is in the request list, but raws seemed difficult to find until now. The entires series is available in (with optional arabic subs).

Menhera Reply

Majokko Megu-chan is being subbed by ChuySubs.

From the anime request list: Shin Maple Town Monogatari: Palm Town Hen is now being released by shiteatersubs.

Please sub kouya no shounen isamu This animé is the best

MetalKira Reply

It's been 10 days, when will the next episode of Ashita e Attack come out?

Subbed Cutey Honey Flash is complete. ^_^

A special episode of Konpeki no Kantai is now available with english subs, so the fansub may be still active, or perhaps someone else may have retrieved it.

bigbada Reply

Would love if you sub this in the future: Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy (1996) Few years back some group started it, but only did 3 episodes and stopped :(

I love you old castle!

bunny33 Reply

Saw Johnny finished subbing Ace wo Nerae 2 but noticed there's quite the time gap between the og '73 TV series and Ace wo Nerae 2... anyone know a good way to catch up on what happens in between the two? Chapter summaries? Videos?

Yokoelf Reply

Hi! I just want to thank you all so much for making this project, and specially to making Attack No. 1 more acessible to us. It turned to be one of my favorite anime ever. You make a fantastic work!

Passing Anon Reply

Both Hana no Asuka-gumi OVAs are subbed now.

Mon Colle Knight has been subbed. :-)

Erza Reply

Captain Tsubasa J is displayed three times on the request list. Lol

Troy168 Reply

So I have to ask, what's does the ? on the request dates on some animes mean?

timo Reply

Not particularly asking for subs, but since you guys seems to be superscribed to Paravi (which I assume is how you downloaded Noroi No One Piece), is it possible you can rip off this too? I can't find it anywhere on torrent sites. It's here on paravi though .Yoshiji Kigami has an episode in this show and I want to see it if possible. Thanks.

Swingball Reply

Random question: Where's the sky background from?

Happy Easter to everyone! Stay safe at home. :-)

Samurai Giants is coming to BD next month, hopefully HD raws turn up, as that looks like a cool show

TaekoYasuhiro Reply

Thank you so much for Paris no Isabelle, and Glass no Kamen! I would love to see Coji-coji subbed, and i'm sure there are raws. Are you going to put Polish subtiles on your releases often? I'm polish, and watching with them is more fun for me.

Hi! Thank you very much for subbing Wandering Sun. I really enjoyed the series and the subs were perfect. I hope more people get to see this fantastic series with your subtitles. Thanks once again for your hard work!

Ulysses 31, always according to AniDB, should be fully subbed in english, but it's probably wrong because any english subbed episode is nowhere to be found, it seems.

According to AniDB (even if the website is not always accurate, check on the page when you're going to request a title, please... It's not a difficult thing to do ^^') Kinnikuman subs are ongoing and active. Thanks for Isabelle de Paris! ^^

Thank you very much for Paris no Isabelle. Great job for a great anime!

Please take off the snow falling it's hurting my eyes

Just want to add that Judo Boy/Kurenai Sanshiro is on the request list but it's now been obtained by Sentai Filmworks and you can watch it on HIDIVE.

Requiett Reply

You are truly doing amazing work and I appreciate your releases deeply, especially Wandering Sun. I look forward to more classics unknown to the west. Thank you!

Fighting Beauty Wulong is on schedule by Orphan Fansubs. A lot of their projects are currently stalled, including Tottoi, Genji and Mars OVA which are on the request list... ;-)

MikaHoka Reply

Would you be interested in subbing the last 9 episodes of the Virtua Fighter anime at some point? The fansub for it has been stuck in purgatory for ages.

Thanks for your time!

Chibiusa Reply

Thank you, you are so fast. And your Releases have nice Quality!

Have you heard of "Life-Evil fansubs" Little Lord Ceddie? Maybe they could need some help and you could cooperate with them. I think 10 years will it require to end. Its no problem for me but its only a wish of a fan of these beautiful wmt series.

Kawari Boy Starzan-S and Okawari Boy Starzan-S are the same thing. Babel II and Babel Nisei are also the same.

Muu no Hakugei is subbed!

moot_agreed Reply

Thanks so much for subbing these anime. Great to see fansubbing alive and kicking still.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year guys.

Happy holidays! You're my favorite fansub group!

filthyfujoshi Reply

Merry Christmas! Thank you for all your hard work, you're one of my favorite sub groups. Your contributions are priceless. <3

Thanks a lot for this unexpected Xmas gift! ^^ The number of still unsubbed shoujo OVAs is decreasing more and more also because of your contribution, very few ones are left now. Frohe Weinachten from Germany, Merry Christmas! :-)

Merry Christmas to one of my favourite fansubbers! I've been hoping for a surprise Christmas release, and as usual, you've delivered for this shoujo fan! Love you guys ♡

Panino Manino Reply

Lassie already done, hayai!

But saing that Paris no Isabelle is "loosely based on facts" sounds like and exaggeration to me. (^v^)

Astroganger has been subbed.

Hey guys. I was wondering if you guys have the raw files for both Cinderella Monotagari and Kaiketsu Zorro? If not, I can provide you guys with the raw files for both shows.

Good news for Hiatari Ryoukou subs, the series is now completed! But for some unknown reasons, the entire series is available only on torrent at the moment, no streaming (just the first half is available on KissAnime). :-( Thanks for having subbed Meiken Lassie!

Your contributions to anime community is priceless. Thank you.

Panino Manino Reply

Didn't expect Paris no Isabelle. Is this during the Paris Commune?

You, guys are awesome. It's very difficult to sub anime into the English subs, yet you are doing it for the all anime fans. Who watch old classic Anime. Love you guys <3

Thank you for your work so far

its great to see older anime getting proper subs

i will hold a permament seed on all torrents when i get my new HDD :)

Wow, did I win something for having guessed the title? XD News for french speakers only: Nessa no Haou Gandalla (if anyone else other than me is interested in this series, lol) is available with french subs. Download only, no streaming as far as I know. Death to ACE!

VivaLaPanda Reply

Cool website!

Random Anon Reply

I've requested Hana no Asuka-gumi. If you take it and it's decently translated, you could only translate only the first OVA if you want, because those morons have subbed only the second one. :-/ Death to ACE!

Toki no Daichi is already subbed.

Sorry to bother again info-haters, but Miracle Girls is already subbed. I watched it long time ago and probably dropped it out of boredom, so I don't remember about the subs quality, sorry again. It's reported on AniDB anyway, but don't put the blame on me if the subs are bad, it's not not my concern and certainly not my fault. Don't be annoying please. U_U

Just saw that episode 14 of Majokko Megu-chan is subbed randomly out of nowhere. Anyone know who's doing the subs?

It was UmiYami, I knew it! Thanks again and Happy Halloween! :)))

thank you so much for the Umi no Yami, Tsuki na Kage OVA!!

Random Anon Reply

Hi! I have a suggestion for you: why don't you upload your releases on MEGA too? It's a safe and reliable website, and I know I'm not the only one who finds direct download more comfortable than Torrent. Happy Halloween!

Guest book user Reply

I'm sure the Old Castle people know this but I want to stress this for all the literalist "it already has subs" people: a show/movie having incomprehensible Hong Kong DVD subs is not what most people would define as "already subbed" by virtue of the subs being useless.

Hello! If the upcoming Halloween OVA is what I think, I give you a HUGE thank you! If not well, I may enjoy it anyway, thanks for your hard work as always :)

Passing Anon Reply

Seems that someone just checked AniDB's database from A to Z to make requests, lol. Some titles don't even have a single word about the plot on their data pages (and anywhere else, apparently), are you serious? XD Anyway, Choudenji Robot Combattler V and Makiba no Shoujo Katri have already been subbed. Anime 80 Nichikan Sekai Isshuu, Kagaku Kyuujo-tai TechnoVoyager, Kashi no Ki Mokku, Pure-tou no Nakama-tachi, Ribbon no Kishi and both series of Mitsubachi Maya no Bouken are available with english dub just in case.

Obscure Reply

Just put in a request for Burning Blood.

It id the other only boxing anime Osamu Dezaki did beside Ashita no Joe, is only a 3 episode OVA though each episode is 41 mins long so the equivalent of 6 episodes. Had no idea it existed till just now checking his MAL page.

Oyayubi Hime Monogatari hasn't been subbed, but dubbed version is available. The movie has been subbed though.

Hello, thank you for Attack n°1, I really enjoyed it. Thanks again!

Shippuu! Iron Leaguer has already been subbed.

The First Donten ni Warau Gaiden movie has already been subbed, they will sub the other two sooner or later when it's time, I guess... Sometimes it takes a VERY long time for movies and OVAs. I think that Donten ni Warau is too recent for Old Castle standards anyway.

Hello. Thanks for the Attack No. 1.

Unfortunately i have some issue. don’t know if it’s just me but some of the video file is weird. I can’t delet or move those to a different folder. Anyone can help me?

The best fansub group ever. Sasurai no Taiyou, Glass Mask, Attack No. 1, and now Lassie. Thank you for all these great animes.

Firechick Reply

There's this one shoujo anime I know is around, but nobody ever subbed it: Lady Lady and its sequel series, Hello Lady Lynn. It's really cute and old school, but nobody knows about it. I'd love it if you were to fansub it!

Ginga Sengoku Gun'yūden Rai is already subbed. Random Anon is right, AniDB is wrong sometimes.

Panino Manino Reply

Wandering Sun Pack is up on Nyaa. About this: "episode 1 contains small change in the translation to reduce the plot hole from the reveal in the final episodes"

It was a "error" in the translation? I can't imagine how "a small change" in the translation can fill even a bit of that plot hole. It's just too deep.

Random Anon Reply

I've noticed that sometimes AniDB makes mistakes about subtitles availability. If you want to be 100% sure before making a request, you'd better check on KissAnime and 9Anime (on both, not just one). Their databases are the most complete around the web: if an anime isn't there, means that nobody subbed it in english. Cheers!

Hime-chan non Ribbon is already subbed.

This probably sounds like a retarded question but do you guys ever plan on doing manga translations? Really enjoying what you guys are doing so far.

Are you guys going to start another project when Sasurai no Taiyou is over? Or only when Lassie is over too?

I like the black background, it gives a nice retro feeling. :)

Panino Manino Reply

Wandering Sun #24 I still don't understand what Michiko was trying to do, and why she did. Can someone explain?

And how convenient what happening with Nozomi's father...

Doodle Reply

Hey there!

I was wondering, if you own the Sasurai no Taiyou DVD, if you could upload the full length songs from the series? There's a bonus DVD with every song. Or atleast Nozomi and Miki's two songs? Thanks!

Recently found this subgroup, thank you so much for your hard work. Looking forward to the next ep of Nozomi!

If I may ask, how do you guys normally acquire some of these RAWs? Do you order the DVDs online or does someone actually acquire them in Japan?

Torlock Reply

Hey Guys,

what's up with your Attack No. 1 Torrent on Nyaa ?

µTorrent 3.1.2 gives me an error message (in german): Kann "tmpldv_5v0o.torrent" nicht laden. Teilgröße nicht unterstützt (64.0 MB) !

In english it must be: Can't load "tmpldv_5v0o.torrent" Part size not supported (64.0 MB)!

The Magnet-Link didn't work either I've got 8 Seeds but every Seed has 0% of the Files - so no Download

There are at last 2 other people on Nyaa who got the same Problem

By the way: The Torrent and the Magnet-Link on Anidex have this problem too.

Michiru Sanjou Reply

Hey guys!!! I was wondering, would making a Twitter account be in your guys’ future? A lot of people in the retro anime community there appreciate your work, and it could also have some benefits that I couldn’t see. It’s up to you guys! Keep up the great work, and thank you for subbing one of the only 10/10 anime I’ve ever watched, Attack No.1.

Thanks for subbing all of Attack No. 1! Me & my friends were wondering if you'd sub Mahou no Mako Chan?

Millie Reply

Holy crap, I can't believe there are finally fansubs for Sasurai no Taiyou! I love you guys, thank you so much!

Thank you so much for all your effort translating Attack No.1! I have a question though, are you still going to translate Ashita e Attack? I was really looking forward to that.

I think the Attack No. 1 -themed commercial file is broken. Its not playing for some reasons.

Giovanna de Oliveira Reply

why saint tail??? ir has already been subbed by [Zergslayer]...

Hello!! You are a great fansub group!!! I love you! I've seen you accept or consider requests, so here I go! Pleasee Haikara san ga tooru... it has been just released in Blurray and a nice raw material already on nyaa. Thank you very much for the effort you do.

Hello! Maps 1987, Mars, Genji and Tottoi are on schedule by Orphan Fansubs.

All Nine movies have been released by Orphan Fansubs. Check the subs availabilty before making requests please, AniDB is still online only for that reason...

Since it's a show that's on the request list: Senritsu Subs started releasing Minky Momo this week.

Do you guys have a twitter handle we can follow so it be easier to keep track when you release something instead of having to constant check nyaa every day?

Thank for you subbing Attack No 1!

I hope you consider subbing the musical that was released in 2019, it has a DVD out Maybe as an April Fool's post ;)

Carmen Reply

Thank you for subbing Attack No. 1!!! I realllllllllllllllllllly appreciate it, it's what got me into retro anime and I can't stop now. I'm looking forward to following your releases into the future. <3 I would love to see more unknown World Masterpiece Theater titles subbed :D

Yama Nezumi Rocky Chuck (Fables of the Green Forest has been completely subbed

Justin Reply

Johnny, How long does it take to complete, Aim for the ace season 2? T^T Sorry to say that, but you take a lot of time to bring new episode. Please do it fast. Thnx for subbing Aim for the ace season 2

Justin Reply

Thank you so much, for subbing Attack No1. You are such a awesome group. I have been with you sine you start subbing, Attack No 1, I really appreciate it. Please keep going on it, and sub such a wonder full anime for us. I love you a lot, Old Castle. <3

There's a copy paste error in the OP song for Wandering Sun. Can you please fix this in future episodes and the batch?

The translation for 「しあわせのうた とおいときにも」 (Shiawase no uta tooi toki ni mo) accidently got replaced with the translation for an earlier line in the song.

Dialogue: 0,0:00:25.55,0:00:32.56,Karaoke English,[karaoke],0,0,0,,{TIME:25558,32565}Even when we can't see from the tears{NOTE:涙でなにも見えないときにも} Dialogue: 0,0:00:55.42,0:01:02.38,Karaoke English,[karaoke],0,0,0,,{TIME:55421,62386}Even when we can't see from the tears{NOTE:涙でなにも見えないときにも}

Mirakuru Reply

It would be great if you could please add Mirmo de Pon to your subbing list. I know you all can do it since you guys subbed attack no. 1 and that’s a long anime. I know somebody else was subbing it but they are taking a long time releasing an episode at least once a year.

Oreldo Reply

Just a huge thanks for all the work you've been doing in subbing some truly classic Anime. I didn't think I'd ever likely see Wandering Sun and Attack No.1 subtitled but here we are! I look forward to all your future projects.

Azure Reply

F and Ordian are already subbed.

kiefersutherland Reply

Congratulations on finishing Attack no 1. Thanks for all the hard work. Keep it up! :)

Anime Sanjuushi subs are ongoing and seem to be still active... Cheers and thanks for Attack no.1. :)

tenkenX6 Reply

Congrats on completing the Attack No.1 TV series! You guys paced yourselves well with this long series. Good job. :)

Hengen Taima Yakou Karura Mau! Nara Onryou Emaki is already subbed. The one that needs sub is just the OVA series, Hengen Taima Yakou Karura Mau! Sendai Kokeshi Onka. Zanbot 3 is already done, and Majokko Megu-chan's ongoing fansub seems to be still active.

Cutey Honey Flash fansub is ongoing, but I'm not sure if it's still active or not, and the movie is already done.

Cocolors was made just three years ago, maybe someone else will do it.

Before doing requests, I suggest to the viewers (and to the fansub team too) to go to 9anime and KissAnime for a quick search. They have the biggest anime streaming database on the web: if 9anime doesn't have a series it might be on KissAnime, or vice versa. But if they BOTH don't have the title you're searching for, or they have it just incomplete or raw, or just dubbed, it means that the subbed version doesn't exist yet. (I'm not spamming these websites, they aren't mine or something)

Ace wo Nerae is an ongoing sub (by Johnny) and Metal Armor Dragonar is already done. And in the case "Sasuke" means Shonen Sarutobi Sasuke, it's already done too.

nice subs

speedmetalotaku Reply

Infinite thank to subbing this shoujo masterpiece! Your dedication and devotion to the cause of old school dramatic shoujo is worthy of the highest praise. 2 years of subbing without missing one weekly release. Long live Old Castle, where the passionate flame of fansubbing is burning bright!

Guest Reply

TY for subs

Hello! I'm just here to tell you that Attacker You, Baby and Me (ongoing), Fighting Beauty Wulong, Fighting Beauty Wulong Rebirth, Maps 1994 and Spoon Oba-san have already been subbed. You've made very good changes to the website, bravo! ^^

Enigmo Reply


Really appreciate the work you guys are putting into translating old animes.

I just wanted to recommend maybe translating first the old animes which have nice HD remasters, but no subs. I say this just because I love watching old animes which have received amazing remasters but I can't fully appreciate them due to no subtitles. Attack no. 1 was one of them, until you guys thankfully started translating it.

Vifam Reply

Minky Momo would be a good series to potential sub.

The guest book loads faster now, good work! It's cool also that upvotes and downvotes aren't here no more, they were useless.

bigbadabum Reply

Hey, what do you plan to start after you finish Attack No.1 and Wandering Sun?

Azure Reply

Hidari no O'Clock, Otohime Connection, Inochi no Chikyuu Dioxin no Natsu, Tottoi, Mars (1994 OVA), Maps (1997).

Raksel Reply

I would love to see Cooking Papa and Kabocha Wine in English. Do you have room for it? They seem to be great, though.

DeTroyes Reply

If you guys are taking suggestions, I would like to recommend Vifam 13 and Space Carrier Blue Noah.

Vifam 13 is the 1997 sequel series to the original Round Vernian Vifam. For some reason, this series has managed to escape the notice of most fansubbers, who seem to confuse it with the original series and therefore pass it by (since the original series was fansubbed ages ago). Vifam 13 is 26 episodes long.

Space Carrier Blue Noah was created by Yoshinobu Nishizaki right after he produced the second Space Battleship Yamato series, and in many ways was meant to capitalize on its popularity. It was translated into English as Thundersub, but the dub is cringeworthy and many liberties were taken with the story into its English form. A straight translated of the original series would be very much appreciated. Blue Noah runs 24 episodes long.

Keep up the great work!

Panino Manino Reply

I'm up to date with Wandering Sun. I hate Egawa so much!

Treacle Reply

Himitsu no Akko-chan if you are still taking suggestions

Nnpuu Kamui Gaiden could get subs from you if possible

Panino Manino Reply

Maybe someone already asked for this, but an old anime that could be translated is Haikara-san ga Tooru. It receive a two movie adaptation recently but definitively isn't the same as the TV series. I got the raws for archival purposes and it looks very entertaining.

Panino Manino Reply

Watched Wandering Sun #1. I liked enough to keep watching but oh boys, Miki's seiyu is kinda of bad, right?

Thank you so much for the Sasurai no Taiyou subtitles. I'm really enjoying watching this anime, can't wait for more episodes.

Assthete Reply

Yo, thanks very much. Attack no. 1 is surprisingly fun to watch so I'm happy someone decided to translate it ^^

Animeeverything Reply

Hi Thanks for all the great work u have been doing is it possible u could translate Judo Boy from EP 9 and onwards? thnks

Thank you for your wonderful continuing work!


How about old good mahou shoujo?

"Mahou no Yousei Persia".

"Mahou no Angel Sweet Mint".

cement87 Reply

hi its my first time her and i dont know if what am doing is right , see the thing is i came here by coincidence cuz i was searching google for an old anime ---->

( Tiger Mask _1969 ) ,

, anyway i saw good comments about other old anime i think i will try it , , also if my comment considered a request , then yes pls i want some eng subs even if u dont do it if u know of any in the internet pls guid me , thanx , i wil keep searching now

bigbadabum Reply

Hey, Do you plan to start subbing any new series after you finish with Attack No.1? That would be great <3

I really thank you from bottom of my heart that you are subbing old anime that doesnt have subs yet!

Hungry Wolf Reply

I would like to thank you, Old Castle, for your work on old stuff .. I was wondering, when I checked your nominated / suggested list you have received from the fans, about subtitling an already subtitled work like (Ace wo Nerae! 1973) .. Do you feel the existing subtitle is not good and that is why you need to re-subtitle it ^_^' ?

Moncolle, taluluto, minky momo,

Swingball Reply

what about hutch the honeybee?

These two Creamy Mami OVAs have yet to be subbed as of yet, would be absolutely amazing if you could please sub these at some point! :)

Shounan Bakusouzoku would make you internet heroes.

I even found japanese subtitles you can use to translate at!9tlg1QSY!rGjOrwMWiFZhQQuNhFtZSw

La Seine no Hoshi could do with subs

Please sub RPG Densetsu Hepoi, a very cool mecha isekai with awesome music and designs.

Hello! I’ve recently found this obscure and interesting tv series, Nessa no Haou Gandalla: only the first two episodes have been subbed, so it would be fine to retrieve this project. It’s kinda odd that nobody did it, considering that it aired on 1998 and not during the 70s-80s, and the original character design was made by a famous artist like Haruhiko Mikimoto. And seems that it was licensed in France. Thanks again for your work, and good luck!

RAWs for Animentary Ketsudan are now online, definitely one that could do with subs :)

Please sub Hana no Kakurichou, it just got ripped and looks very entertaining.

Omg I watched Wandering Sun raw because I never thought it'd ever get subbed or anyone else had ever heard of it!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bigbadabum Reply

Thanks for your great work on subbing old titles! I hope you consider to sub some of the "world masterpiece theatre" titles that doent have subs yet!


Jiro Yushima Reply

Can you please add Ganbare Genki to the list? Thank you!

Honestly hadn't even heard of Wandering Sun before and yet I'm super hyped. Love you people for the old shoujo content. Many thanks!

Domo thanks for sub Wandering Sun

@Tsuki Yeah, but thru rubbish hardsubs and not in HD Blu-ray quality.

@OldCastle BTW, good choice on Wandering Sun, cant wait to watch when finished. Can you please sub Radio City Fantasy at some stage.

metalotaku Reply

Thanks again for your Great work! Glad to know that Wanderin Sun will finally be subbed! I watched the Raw and it was a good show! Long live dramatic old school shoujo, the best kind of anime there is!

Can I suggest you Karura Mau OVAs and Moldiver? Karura Mau's movie is fully subbed, but only the first OVA (the movie's sequel) is. Thanks again!

Hi, here just to inform you that Zanbot 3 and both Fighting Beauty Wulong series have already been subbed. Thanks for your work!

Memo Sama Reply

alsalam ealaykum, I hope you will TL Highschool Kimengumi and Dash Kappei

Hello! Another suggestion I have for you is Gensei Shugoshin P-hyoro Ikka, an action shoujo OVA directed by the Dezaki brothers and with Akio Sugino's chara design. It's one of the few works by Osamu Dezaki which hasn't been translated yet.

Thank you very much for your greate work on Glass no Kamen, it was marvelous and I look forward for your next releases !

(I hope Paris no Isabelle or Haikara-san ga Tooru will be next)

Swingball Reply

What about Ace wo Nerae Final Stage if can gain access to it?

Or Akakichi no Eleven?

I’m sure it makes a good soccer anime it’d be great if we could watch it.

Thanks again for all your great work in subtitling older shows! It's been mentioned here before, but I would love to see Hiatari Ryouko translated.

Nessa no Haou Gandalla

Since its rare that people sub These old idol anime or if by possible sub baby and me it only has 7 episode lett for subs And bouken no robin has 22 ep left

Any chance on subbing idol tenshii youkoso

Seito Shokun, Hayou no Tsurugi, Aries Shinwa no Seiza Miya

Thanks a lot for Ichigatsu ni wa Christmas (which I suggested some months ago), a late Merry Xmas to you too! ^_^

If you need Lady Georgie ISOs, let me know - I have a set (Italian, I believe).

Giovanna Moura Reply

Hi, i am here again, what to thank you for your amazing work with glass mask and attack number 1! awesome!!! Please remember that there are some request that had already been subbed, eg.: ace wo nerae 1 and 2, the second season is already been subbed by johnnyenglish subs, attacker you too. could you guys think about projects that has not been subbed like haikara san ga tooru! tx!!!

First, thank you for the hard work!

About requests, I agree with the people who mentioned the Haikara-san ga tooru series from the 70s! Lady Lady would be cool too. From the list you posted, Nobara no Julie looks interesting, had never heard of it... Anyway, I look forward to whatever you end up doing next.

Hi! It would be great to see in your list "Sasurai no Taiyou". Thanks a lot!)

Could you consider adding "Lady Lady!!" in your request list?

Joou Heika no Petite Angie

domo... Paris no Isabelle - Mahou no Mako Chan - Nobara no Julie

Stefy81 Reply

Hi, first of all thank you for Attack no 1, you're doing a great work!!! From the list of the requests I'd like to see Attacker You! and Mahou No Mako chan, then I wish to see subbed Hana no ko Lunlun and Ochamegami monogatari korokoro Poron...

tugatomsk Reply

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to thank everyone at OldCastle fansub for their hard and persistent work at some old but great anime that no onle picks. Keep up the good work! ;)

Some suggestions:

  • Hiatari Ryoukou;
  • Miracle Giants Dome-kun;
  • Anime Sanjuushi;
  • Ganbare Kickers;
  • Azuki-chan;
  • Moero! Top Striker;
  • DAI-Guard;
  • Meiken Jolie (Bell & Sebastian);
  • Kaiketsu Zorro;
  • Robin Hood no Daiboken;
  • Mori no Yoki na Kobito-tachi: Berufi to Rirubitto (Belfy & Lilibit);
  • Yama Nezumi Rocky Chuck (Fables of the Green Forest);
  • Oyayubi Hime Monogatari (Little Thumbelina);
  • Spoon Oba-san (Mrs. Pepperpot);
  • Taiyo no Ko Esteban (The Mysterious Cities of Gold) {japanese version};
  • Ginga Patrol PJ (Once Upon a Time... Space) {japanese version};
  • Montana Jones.
Nataniel Floripes Reply

Hi. As you said you'd consider suggestions for new projects, here are a few I'd love to see subbed:

Majokko Megu-chan Tobe! Isami

Himitsu no Akko-chan

Giovanna Moura Reply

Hi please translate haikara-san ga tooru the 2 filme and the 70's series that has 41 episodes i guess, the episode number 1 is already translated! thanks!

Metalotaku Reply

Happy new year Old Castle! Thanks again for your splendid dedication to dramatic old school shoujo!

I would like to add another one to the list, the 1978 anime adaption of Yamato Waki manga Haikara-san ga Tooru. The Blu Ray were release in Japan in 2017 and even thought no rip of them float arround, there's quality hdtv rip [Fami-Geki 960x656 h264 AAC][heponeko] that I could provide you. A certain group release the episode one over a year ago and since then, nothing.... A real shame considering how enjoyable the serie was. The new movie remake is also excellent and I can wait to see the second when it's out.

Thank you for your hard work! It's really amazing.

I'd like to recommend Cinderella Monogatari (26 episodes) & Shirayuki Hime no Densetsu (52 episodes) with DVD RAWs up. Paris no Isabelle and Nobara no Julie both have 13 episodes with DVD RAWs up if you're looking for something shorter. Joou Heika no Petite Angie has RAWs up but they're hard to find, under "Angie Girl" with dual ITA-JPN audio.

I hope it doesn't come off as rude, I just wanted to let you know what shorter unsubbed anime that you might care about is around.

Really thank you for your work!

When the Blu-rays for Zambot 3 get ripped online, could you please sub them? That would be fantastic

metalotaku Reply

@rr I have the dual (japanese and italian) DTV raw of Ashita e Attack made by Dohko D.G. If it could be useful, I could send it to you with pleasure. I also have a french dub rip if it could help. You can private message me on anidb with the same nickname. Have a nice day!

Once again thank you so much for your work <3 My suggestions for you are Animal 1 (1968) and Ashita e Attack (1977)

Oh, and by the way, are you considering subbing the Attack No.1 movies?

thank you soooo much for all your hard work <3

IdkSomeAnimeFan Reply

Thanks for all the hardwork,haven't started Glass Mask myself yet but plan to marathon it once all the episodes are released.

Some anime I think you should take into consideration into subbing: Kyojin no Hoshi (1968),Tanoshii Muumin Ikka (1990),Corrector Yui (1999),Ace wo Nerae!'s BDs (Acebuster reached up to episode 10 but there hasn't been an update in 5 months so seems likely dead).

I just got into a random classic shoujo/sports anime phase and was so disappointed to not be able to find Attack No.1 anywhere...until I found you guys! I also love the Glass Mask series and already read the manga and watched the 2005 anime...was pleasantly surprised to see that you guys picked up the 1984 anime! Thanks so much for everything you do, and I look forward to future releases! (:

Teruko Shirakawa Reply

Thank you for working so hard on Attack No.1. The show is one of the greatest anime I've ever watched! I heard you're taking anime that could be considered for being subbed, and I have a few. I'm not sure about the availability of any of these raws, but here:

-Kyojin no Hoshi (1968) -Animal 1 (1968) -Samurai Giants (1973) -Tiger Mask (1969)

Erza Violet Reply

Hallo from Berlin! I love old school shoujos, and you're doing a great work with Garakame and Attack no.1. I liked Sequence pretty much too, it's always fun to discover obscure tiny gems from the past. Are you planning on subbing other old OVAs? I've read that you don't take requests, but if it's not a bother let me suggest you a few titles: Ichigatsu ni wa Christmas (the raw version is on YouTube!), Umi no Yami Tsuki no Kage (currently on YT too, but... russian subbed -_-) and High School Aurabuster. Thanks for your work and good luck!

Panino Manino Reply

I'm glad I didn't watched Glass Mask in poor subVHS quality. Sooner than later I'll start watching your releases, thanks.

Ronihitosan Reply


Swingball Reply

Could you consider doing Sally the Witch then? It hasn’t been FULLY fansubbed, it’s the first magical girl anime ever, and one of the first COLOR anime in history.

Swingball Reply

First of all do you do requests?

James McKee Reply

Please sub Coji-Coji It really needs to be seen to be believed I mean that in a good way

You do realize Glass Mask is on Blu-Ray right?

You're doing wonderful work. Attack no. 1 is very fun and thank you for picking up Glass Mask as well.

awesome work, keep going.

I'm so glad you guys picked up Glass Mask!! Thanks so much and good job! ^_^

Natanael Floripes Reply

Thanks for your work. I really appreciate it. To be fair with the ancient fansubbers, I think the VHS fansubs were done by Odyssey Anime and Oppai only ripped them. Anyway, keep bringing us old series. If I may suggest some, I'd say Himitsu no Akko-chan and Tobe! Isami.

Thank you so much for your work, I'm only being able to watch Attack No.1 because of you! As a future request, could you ever sub Lady Georgie? That would be really cool! Keep your hard work! :D

A hug from Portugal <3

Hi, May be a stupid question. Why are there only 59 episodes of Attack no.1? From what I've found there should be 104. Is it about a long/hard process or it's all you have?

Thank you so much for subbing Attack no.1. It was one of my childhood favorites, and I'm so glad to finally be able to rewatch the whole thing as an adult.

Nicknames Reply

Thanks a lot for subbing Sequence! I have been looking forward to watch this one for around 2 years

Anonymous Reply

Just so you know, official English subtitles are available on HIDIVE for Glass Mask since a few days ago. I know those official streams are region locked, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before someone rips them and shares the subtitles online, without region locking. I haven't checked the official subtitles yet, but the VHS fansub you used as a base have problems. E.g. 'Tsubaki-hime' should be 'The Lady with the Camellias', the English name of the novel 'La Dame aux Camélias', but the fansub translated the Japanese title literally as 'Princess Camellia'. Episode 2 messed up the name of a main character from 'Little Women'. You have to familiarise yourself with all the works of fiction presented in the series to be able to properly translate it, which would take a huge investment of time. I appreciate the effort you put into this though, and I'm grateful you're working on subtitling 'Attack No. 1', but it might be worth putting that time and energy in a series that doesn't have any official English subtitles. Your About page does say 'Our focus is on the series that have slight chances of being picked up by other groups. We favor quality over speed.' after all. I hope I don't come across as rude, I just wanted to let you know.

Nanaho Reply

Thank you for your work ^^

thank you for your hard work.

Tesuto Reply

I'm pretty surprised in 2018, someone still have the will to subbing ye 'auld series. Thank you for your hard work, take your time for Glass Mask, i'll be waiting.

Are you planning on subbing the Attack no.1 movies? Are they recaps or originals? Reply

Thank you so much for the info.

Stumbled across the group while looking for Sequence and was pleasantly surprised to see Attack No 1 as an ongoing project. Given the relatively quick rate at which it's being subbed, I have faith that I'll actually be able to watch the whole thing subbed one day. Thanks for the good work!

thx a lot for your hard work!

also i cant wait to get the 5th BD of Monster Hunter Stories <3

thank you so much for subbing mhst through to the end! it’s become very near & dear to me, and getting to watch and understand the second season has been such a blessing. good luck in your remaining current & future projects!

Anonymous Reply

Thank you!

Shellenina Reply

Attack No.1 is so good! I appreciate all the hard work you're putting in, especially for such an obscure series. Who is your favorite character? Thank you so much!

Catrelli Reply

Appreciate the work you're doing. Especially with Attack No. 1 - If you guys are taking requests, I'd love for you guys to work on "Attacker You!" and/or "Stop!! Hibari-kun!". I'm sure there are a lot more people other than myself that's waiting for them subbed. Again, thank you for your hard work. :)

You're doing God's work. Thank you so much!

usergt Reply

quite a little delay with MHST. i hope everything is ok.

keep up your great works! <3

Treacle Reply

Keep up the good work with Attack No. 1!

thank you again for MHST 70 <3

i love Cheval a lot. cant wait to see him again <3

kyoudai / daisukiyaki Reply

As always, otsukaresama, Old Castle. I appreciate your keeping MHST coming to us! A mistranslation in ep 70, at 21:59: the official English name for フルライトジオ is Geo-Fulkright, not Fulkradgeo.

thank you for MHST 69 <3

thank you so much for subbing mhst! i love it a lot and you guys doing it really makes my weeks a little brighter! keep up the good work <3

I'm obsessed with Attack No.1 now. Thanks so much for subbing it!

thank you for the MHST episodes. i really enjoy them <3

[email protected]

Learned about "Sequence" through you and just watched it. It's pretty "compressed" with 4 Manga Volumes in just 42mins, but still, not half-bad. Thanks for that, was an interesting watch.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for subbing Attack No. 1! I can't stop watching it and I only learned about it last night. I am a huge fan of older anime and so happy it's being subbed so that people like me can enjoy it :-)

Thank you so much for subbing Sequence, it's so great to see old OVAs finally getting subbed!

If you enjoy finishing unfinished projects, maybe have a look at Shounan Bakusouzoku, the best delinquent OVA ever. It's good to see Mila Superstar getting translated. You are fighting to good fight.

kyoudai / daisukiyaki Reply

Dropping in to say thanks for Monster Hunter Stories #65. :)

Anon minus Reply

Legend! Thank you for Attack No. 1!

meowski-san Reply

Another vote of thanks for your excellent work. I don't know how many people have noticed that you're a Polish team translating from Japanese to English - I even saw translated Russian dialogue in some of the Attack No 1 episodes. Hugely impressive stuff!

The new Pope, Pope Stumpy Reply

Thank you for subbing Attack No 1. I've wanted to see the show for quite a while, but no one was translating it. You're doing God's work.

desolate-master Reply

do you do batch releases? just asking because downloading 104 eps of Attack no. 1 indevidually would be a bit tedious however batches of 10-20 would make it a lot easyer.

Speedmetalotaku Reply

Happy new year! Congratulation for all the magnificient work and dedication you offer to the noble cause of old school anime fansubing. Long live Old Castle!

Pantsman Reply

Happy new year!

please enjoy new year!

love your subs of MHST, they are even better than horriblesubs! hope you guys will continue subbing. <3

kyoudai / daisukiyaki Reply

Hello OldCastle! Thanks for all you do in bringing us subbed versions of MHST. You have very good translations with correct English grammar. Not crap subs with obvious mistakes like a lot of the stuff out there. I can mostly follow the raws with my self-taught Japanese, but having your subs really does help. I appreciate all you do.

I know you're not keeping to a strict release schedule, but do you know when ep 63 might be out? Thanks again. ^_^

It would be so great if you guys had time to resub Glass no Kamen 1984 TV series. The BD was recently ripped and uploaded to nyaa this year by Moozzi2, currently only VHS hardsubs exist!

Even so, thanks for your all your hard work on Attack no. 1! I absolutely love this show.

Huh, I guess I'm not really thanking you guys enough for doing this...

So: Thanks!!

Penelope Reply


Penelope Reply

Old anime is tough to translate. Shindoi released dash kappei recently and they shared the transcription of the Japanese dialogue too.

maciek970213 Reply

alligator gozaimasu

Thank you for your amazing efforts on Mila Superstar.

If you're done one day, maybe you like to choose to sub one of this shows:

Captain Tsubasa J (all episodes)

Fighting Beauty Wulong

Fighting Beauty Wulong Rebirth

Cutey Honey Flash

thx for subbing! x3

Choi Fal Dal Reply

love you guys

thank u for ur hardwork!!

oregano Reply

ty ty

thx a lot for MHST <3

tobias "oof" fisher Reply


Hey, BlackRose108! Looking forward to see your continued work - and as usual, thanks a bunch to everyone that’s working on this! Always eagerly await your releases.

Thanks again!

Thank you! You rock!

Your effort is appreciated.

Anonymous Reply

Thank you for your consistent hard work <3

You're among the heroes fansubbing needs.

Anonymous Reply

I'll probably wait until like half of the show is done until I give it a watch but thank you anyway. Fansub groups in this day and age (especially for older shows) have all of my respect.

Thank you very much for you work

asakomi Reply

Oh my goodness! I just discovered you guys. Thank you SO much for working on this! I have been wanting to see it for YEARS.

Tomeitou Reply

Thanks guys!
Been waiting for someone to pick this up again ever since evil stopped subbing it.

Panino, o Manino Reply

Rori shito! Is real!

Hwa Ryun Reply

thanks guys.