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Old Castle is a group of individuals who dedicate their free time to making anime subtitles (also known as "fansubs"). Our group was founded in 2017 for the purpose of translating "Attack no. 1", a 104-episode-long series that turned out to be only the first title of many. We translate from Japanese to English, and more recently also to Polish, shows that don't have English subtitles yet in an effort to allow Western audience to discover new hidden gems. We sometimes also do remaster projects. We focus mostly on older animation that has little chance of being picked up by other groups, and try to favor quality over speed.

Active members

pl rr- Founder, translator, publisher
us BlackRose108 Editor

Contributors (in alphabetical order)

us DranzerX13 RAW provider for Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On
ca Greg Editor for Glass Mask
fr Johnny RAW provider for Attack No. 1 movies and Saint Tail
pl kropiciel Translation assistance
pirate R-Raws RAW provider for many of our projects
pirate Tougewolf_ Initial translation for Noroi no One Piece

Our friends


Old Castle

E-mail - [email protected] (please use requests page for subtitle requests)
IRC channel - #old-castle on Rizon
IRC packlist - here

Our releases should hash to checksums in form of XXXXYZZZ, where XXXX is magic content hash, Y is release version and ZZZ is the episode number.

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