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Happy new year!


please enjoy new year!

love your subs of MHST, they are even better than horriblesubs! hope you guys will continue subbing. <3

kyoudai / daisukiyaki

Hello OldCastle! Thanks for all you do in bringing us subbed versions of MHST. You have very good translations with correct English grammar. Not crap subs with obvious mistakes like a lot of the stuff out there. I can mostly follow the raws with my self-taught Japanese, but having your subs really does help. I appreciate all you do.

I know you're not keeping to a strict release schedule, but do you know when ep 63 might be out? Thanks again. ^_^


It would be so great if you guys had time to resub Glass no Kamen 1984 TV series. The BD was recently ripped and uploaded to nyaa this year by Moozzi2, currently only VHS hardsubs exist!

Even so, thanks for your all your hard work on Attack no. 1! I absolutely love this show.


Huh, I guess I'm not really thanking you guys enough for doing this...

So: Thanks!!




Old anime is tough to translate. Shindoi released dash kappei recently and they shared the transcription of the Japanese dialogue too.



alligator gozaimasu


Thank you for your amazing efforts on Mila Superstar.

If you're done one day, maybe you like to choose to sub one of this shows:

Captain Tsubasa J (all episodes)

Fighting Beauty Wulong

Fighting Beauty Wulong Rebirth

Cutey Honey Flash


thx for subbing! x3