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Cutey Honey Flash (TV Series, 39 episodes, AniDB)

Requested before Jun 2019

On her sixteenth birthday, http://anidb.net/ch43054 [Kisaragi Honey] goes to meet her father. However, he shows up injured and on the run. Out of nowhere, a group of thugs and a monster show up. A detective, http://anidb.net/ch43055 [Hayama Seiji], rescues Honey and her father. Unfortunately, the monster captures Honey`s father. A grieving Honey goes home to find it in ruins, but a handsome man gives her hope and a device to use against the monsters who took her father. With them, Honey can transform into multiple forms and destroy http://anidb.net/ch43063 [Panther Zora], the evil behind this. Source: AnimeNfo

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