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Ginga Patrol PJ (TV Series, 26 episodes, AniDB)

Requested before Jun 2019

The story tells about the confrontation of many big galactic powers. Among them there is the Omega Confederation, of which Earth is a member of; the military republic of Cassiopeia led by the general The Pest; and a powerful supercomputer which controls an army of robots. A group of super powerful creatures called the Humanoids later appear in the series. Once Upon a Time... Space features the adventures of Peter (son of colonel Pierre and president Pierrette) and his friend Psi. Source: Wikipedia Note: The series succeeds Once Upon a Time... Man. It reprises almost the entire totality of the characters of the previous series and adapts them into a science-fiction context. It differs from the rest of the Once Upon a Time titles in the sense that the series revolve on a dramatic content rather than an educational premise. The series still has a handful of educational information (such as an episode discussing the rings of the planet Saturn).

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