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Haikara-san ga Tooru (TV Series, 42 episodes, AniDB)

Requested before Jun 2019

In early 20th century Tokyo, new Western ideas and ways are mixed in with traditional Japanese culture. This is a hilarious story about a young girl who carries a romantic idea about her future while seeking to be liberated from the old customs. Born as the only child of a major, Benio becomes a complete tomboy, acquiring skills in martial arts. At age 17, she is ordered to marry the son of a well-established family. That`s the beginning of her story. Her clumsy behavior and straight-forward attitude always lead her into trouble, but everyone seems to forgive this honest, optimistic and charming girl. Her life is full of troubles and laughter. Let`s see what kind of excitement lies in store for her today. Source: www.nipponanimation.com/catalogue/021/index.html[b][/b]

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I would love to see this get subbed.


One of my most coveted shows.