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Flanders no Inu (TV Series, 52 episodes, AniDB)

Requested on Dec. 22, 2020, 8:36 p.m.

http://anidb.net/ch44073 [Nello] is a boy who lives a poor but happy life, helping his grandfather http://anidb.net/ch44075 [Jehan] to cart milk to the nearby village. He loves drawing pictures, and his dream is to become a painter just like the famous artist Peter Paul Rubens. One day Nello finds http://anidb.net/ch44076 [Patrasche], a dog that has been abused and abandoned. Nello takes Patrasche into his home and cares for the wretched animal. Over time, boy and dog develop a close friendship and come to depend on one another. http://anidb.net/ch44074 [Alois], a daughter of the richest family in the village, joins our hero as a sympathetic friend. However, Nello`s poverty and his dream of becoming a painter alienate http://anidb.net/ch75893 [Alois`s father] and the other villagers. Nello experiences firsthand the cruelty of the people he has grown up with, and must struggle to win their appreciation and respect. With perseverance and determination, this young boy never lets go of his dream no matter the circumstances he goes through. Source: http://www.nipponanimation.com/catalogue/001/

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One of my favorites. ARR made subtitles down, but it's pretty bad. At least I could understand what the characters were talking about.


I LOVE THIS ANIME!!! It's so great!! The first half of the series did get fansubs by Silver Zero Subs, but for some reason they stopped after episode 27. I'd love for this series to be finished properly!