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Hello! Lady Lynn (TV Series, 36 episodes, AniDB)

Requested before Jun 2019

http://anidb.net/ch50387 [Lynn] is starting a new life in her new home, living separately from her family. Her sister http://anidb.net/ch50388 [Sarah] is living at her http://anidb.net/ch50398 [grandfather]`s place in Warbawn Castle, while her http://anidb.net/ch50389 [father] works restlessly to earn money in order to take back the Marble Mansion. Lynn is studying at Saint Patrick Academy, an all-girls school famous for horseback riding, making friends as well as rivals along the way and aiming for the prestigious honour, the Lady Crest. With her noble steed http://anidb.net/ch50413 [Andrews], will they overcome obstacles that come in their way to reach their goal? And will Lynn come back to her old home? Source: Wikipedia

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