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High School! Kimengumi (TV Series, 86 episodes, AniDB)

Requested before Jun 2019

This is the story of five students who make up a crazy and unique group (the gang of the funny faces) and, in an incredible twist of luck, they befriend the cutest girl in school. Of course, they will enter into competition with many groups in their school, where teachers are tricky and sometimes clueless, where they can still defy the laws of nature to win sports tournaments and where you can still be childish, Anything could happen in this high school. Source:ANN

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tysonfist764 Reply

One of the most underrated animes in my opinion...It is surprising that despite being very popular during the 80s in europe and Japan no big licensing company tried to release it in North America..It is one of the most wanted animes for english subs.. It seems way ahead of its time when it comes high school Slice of Life animes especially after watching some recent animes like Komi Can't Communicate


Top 5 my most wanted series. 3rd place.