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Mitsume ga Tooru (TV Series, 48 episodes, AniDB)

Requested on Sept. 8, 2021, 8:28 p.m.

This TV series is about a boy named Sharaku who is an innocent child when the third eye on his forehead is covered with a patch. But once the patch comes off, he is transformed into a member of the evil three-eyed tribe, who possesses supernatural powers and had once built an ancient civilization. While the original Manga included Tezuka Osamu`s studies on highly sophisticated ancient civilizations and a great number of sexual scenes involving Wato, the partner of Sharaku, these elements were subdued for the TV version in consideration of a younger audience. This was the first animated work based on Tezuka Osamu`s Manga that was planned following his death. Source: official homepage

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the quality of enjoyment drops from 100 to 0 halfway through

Saki Sanobashi

First 10 episodes have been saved on youtube by the kind Luke Key.