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Kirarin Revolution (TV Series, 153 episodes, AniDB)

Requested on Oct. 9, 2021, 1:57 a.m.

* Based on http://anidb.net/cr10221 [Nakahara An`s] shoujo manga, serialised in Ciao. http://anidb.net/ch9784 [Tsukishima Kirari] is a beautiful, 14-year-old girl whose only interest is food. This changes, however, after she encounters and falls in love with http://anidb.net/ch9787 [Hiwatari Seiji] of http://anidb.net/ch9789 [SHIPS], a popular idol group. In order to be with him, she aspires to be an idol. With the help of SHIPS - the gentle Seiji and the bad-mouth http://anidb.net/ch9786 [Kazama Hiroto] - as well as her cat mascot http://anidb.net/ch9785 [Naa-san], her family and her friends, Kirari pursues the world of idols, where she discovers that being popular is not all fun and games, and that in order to persevere in both her love and her career, she must endure and overcome many hardships and challenges.

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