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Attacker You! (TV Series, 58 episodes, AniDB)

Requested before Jun 2019

You Hazuki is a feisty and insistant volleyball player who comes to Tokyo to live with her father and her adoptive brother, Sunny. She gets trained by the abusive and tough as nails coach of the girls` team called 7 fighters, Daimon. Despite her rocky debut, she soon becomes one of the top players in her team and gets the attention of the media and many high-ranking national coaches. Her biggest wish is to become part of the National Team and compete in the Olympic Games of Seoul. Along the way, You meets Nami Hayase, a co-player with whom she forms a lasting friendship, and Eri Takigawa, with whom she has a friendly rivalry going on. In addition, she is trying to get the attention of Sho Takiki, the head player of the boys` team, on whom she has an enormous crush, and who is also the object of Nami`s affection. Source: TV Tropes

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