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Mahou Tsukai Sally (TV Series, 109 episodes, AniDB)

Requested before Jun 2019

Sally was a tomboy and mischievous witch girl. One day, she was attracted by an advertising balloon, and went to the department store. There she found girls of the same age, Sumire and Yoshiko, and she wanted to become friends with them. After she became good friends with them, she made up her mind to pretend to be a human and began to live in the town with her follower, Kabu. Then she began to know more important things than magic. Source: AnimeNfo Note: Mahou Tsukai Sally is the first of the majoko (magical girl) series.

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If anyone has any interest in subtitling this, feel free to ask TSHS to do a joint project. If hardsubs are a dealbreaker, they'll probably be fine with doing softsubs.


All subs in russian on rutracker.