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Tiger Mask (TV Series, 105 episodes, AniDB)

Requested before Jun 2019

The first Japanese heel wrestler appeared in Japanese professional wrestling. He was Tiger Mask who had been called yellow devil with fears in the United States. He was the first masked wrestler, and he fought cruelly breaking the rules. But he had a secret that he couldn`t talk to anyone. Date Naoto, who was Tiger Mask, had been raised in a orphans` home, then he had been trained by the heel wrestler training organization, Cave of Tigers. The wrestlers who had trained at Cave of Tigers had to pay a lot of money. However, he knew that the orphan`s house was suffering from a lot of debts, and he took over the debts in order to help Ruriko who was his childhood friend and the manager of the orphans` house without revealing that he was Tiger mask. Thefore, he couldn`t pay money to Cave of Tigers. Furthermore, he quitted his villain acts for the children who yearned for him. Because of the betrayal, Cave of Tigers began to send heel wrestlers one after another to destroy his carrier as a wrestler. Source: AnimeNfo

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Kingmenu subtitles were inaccurate IIRC. SMC-Subs (not to be confused with SMC, who does Sailor Moon releases) are a competent group AFAICT, but I don't know if their fansub of episode 101 was serious or a jokesub, probably serious. I think earlier Italian DVDs use dubtitles, while latter releases use properly translated subtitles? For proper subtitles, it should be listed as such on the back of the DVD cover/box/case.


Just a little note here saying that Saiko no Fansubs plans to do both Tiger Mask and Tiger Mask Nisei after Kinnikuman is done.